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Lilo Piggy

Lilo Piggy

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1st Quality Materials

Composed of soft silicone, 100% Safe and Pleasant to maintain Greater Safety, Resistance and Comfort.

Great Stress Releaser

It has an impressive Touch and Softness, in addition to being a Great Stress Releaser.

Operating modes

It has 3 operating modes:
-One touch lights up with low intensity.
- Intensity increases with the second touch.
-After the third touch, the light intensity is the strongest.

Timer included

There is a timer at the bottom that allows you to turn it off automatically after 30 minutes or leave the light on constantly.

Battery uration

It has a Battery capable of Lasting 24 to 60 hours of Light Depending on the Intensity.

Rechargeable via USB Type-C cable, to obtain a Total Charge of 2/3 hours.

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